5.56 NATO

5.56 NATO

Our 5.56 was designed especially for SSgt R.K. / U.S. Army Special Forces.
We opted for Colt Competition upper and lower receivers. We designed this rifle to appear patriotic, beginning with the Old Glory badge emblazoned on the front, down to to the more subtle "Veteran" label etched on the pins. It also has a fluted-barrel configured in a swirl pattern thats reminiscent of our flag unfurling.

We then equipped it with Daniel Defense furniture; featuring a skeletonized buttstock to lighten the load, and a comfortable 1911-inspired pistol-grip, paying homage to an American icon. Further, we installed a Bravo Company PNT trigger, enhancing control by eliminating any felt creep (friction) during the pull. The forend contains an ELD Performance stainless-steel barrel, which is fluted to fascilitate cooling. Per the owner's preference, we've attached a Magpul AFG-2 angled-foregrip at the base as well.

This rifle being intended for close-distance shooting, we opted for a Sig Sauer: Romeo 5x red-dot sight, allowing the shooter to maintain both-eyes-open while focusing forward. Operating in conjunction with the Romeo 5x, is a Sig Sauer: Juliet 4 magnifier, which provides 4x magnification, and pivots in and out of position enabling the shooter to employ it only when necessary. The pair go hand-in-hand.

At the front of the weapon is a removable barrel-shroud, protecting the shooters hand from making contact with a hot barrel. It also enhances the overall aesthetic, by appearing to be a suppressor; however this device will not diminish the report of a fiream.

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