6.5 Creedmoor

6.5 Creedmoor

Our 6.5 Creedmoor is, in our opinion, a special kind of rifle. We designed it for long-range shooting out to 1000+ yards. A few significant features we've chosen to help us realize that goal are the barrel, trigger system, and it's optics. So to start, we wanted the best in order to maximize it's capability; therefore we contacted Bartlein Barrels and requested a 24" Creedmoor option. At the time (Aug. 2019), Bartlein only advertised up to 22" barrels for the AR platform, and drop-in barrels were limited. However, as luck would have it, they informed us that while they weren't producing any 24" barrels, they did create a small number of them which remained in-house (and by "small number" we mean literally 8 barrels; of which they only had 2 remaining then). So needless to say, we bought one, and are proud to have ourselves just 1 of 8, 24 inch 6.5 Creedmoor barrels chambered by Bartlein, in the world!

Now to capitalize on it's efficacy, we opted for a Geiselle SSA-E trigger; it's lighter pull (0.9 - 1.3lbs) allows the shooter to send the round at a more precise instant, mitigating the interference of natural body movement(s). Finally, we needed a 1000-yard scope; so we mounted a Vortex: Viper PST 6-24x50 with EBR-1 (MOA) reticle. We chose the PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) model, because we felt it delivered the necessary elements to accomplish our mission, while remaining at a comfortable price-point for the amount of features it possessed. Features such as: Parallax Adjustment, Zero Hold, Tactical Turrets, an Illuminated Reticle for low-light conditions, and multiple coatings that promote light transmission, providing this scope with excellent clarity. A Front-Focal Plane Adjustment would be nice, but for just under the $1000 mark, who can complain? Furthermore, Vortex has provided us excellent customer-service in the past, and their warranty is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Having established our primary components, we then considered the fact that an overall length of 43 inches (stock collapsed) is a pretty long rifle; which may be cumbersome at times if being carried in the field, or stored away someplace. Therefore, we figured "why not a folding stock?". That being a rather uncommon feature among AR's seemed like even more reason to go ahead and do it. Therefore, we utlilized a product by Sylvan Arms; a folding-stock adapter which sits between the rear of the lower receiver and the buffer-tube; pivoting the stock inward much like the AK variants. This reduced the rifle-length down to 36 inches only; making the weapon much more manageable. As far as the stock, we avoided the typical precision variety with adjustable length-of-pull and elevated cheek-weld, because we wanted to keep this AR10 as light as possible. We figured that a rifle equipped with all the bells & whistles might be cool, but when it comes down to it, a variety of different features won't make you a better shooter ... "Ya just gotta make it work!"

That being said, we opted for a BCM: Gunfighter (SOPMOD) stock, which offers a wider cheek-weld for better control, yet weighs-in at only 7.5 ounces. It's one of the lightest stocks on the market!

Now in order to mitigate recoil, we've installed a Sprinco: Orange buffer-spring, which was designed for .308 platforms. Sprinco's orange line has a reputation for remaining strong beyond 100,000 rounds; therefore this rifles cycling will remain consistant overtime by limited degredation of the buffer-spring. Operating in conjunction with the spring is an Omega Mfg. heavy-buffer (H1), weighing 3.7 ounces, as opposed to the standard 3oz carbine-buffer. We chose the added weight to compansate for the greater force of the higher caliber round; although typically in a Creedmoor, one would opt for an even heavier buffer than this one to mitigate felt recoil. However, the folding-stock adapter includes an internal plunger, which because the adapter offsets the buffer-tube 2 inches more to the rear, fills the gap between the bolt-carrier group and the buffer. Thus, there is an additional 3oz of weight provided by the plunger, which needs to be moved with each shot. So a 3.7oz buffer + 3.0oz plunger, results in 6.7oz of resistance. Hence, an even heavier buffer would result in overkill, and possibly affect cycling. That being said, this is also a shorter buffer; measuring at 2.5 inches, in order to accomodate the collapsible 6-position stock. Not only will this heavy-buffer resist felt-recoil, but it's essential when opting to forgo a rifle-length buffer tube.

For optimal recoil reduction, and maintaining one's hold during shoots, we've installed an adjustable gas-block by Superlative Arms. This type of gas-block utilizes a valve, enabling the shooter to open or close that gas-port as necessary, in order to deliver only the amount of gas-pressure necessary to cycle the weapon; thereby avoiding over-gassing, and putting too much stress on it's internal components. This will also help improve the ejection of spent rounds.

Our AR10 was inspired by the Marine Corps' current sniper rifle, the M40-A6; which comes in FDE and a few black components, like the bolt, barrel, etc. Therefore, always faithful to our roots, we chose to honor our beloved Corps with the same color pattern, and an ejection-port cover inscribed with the Eagle Globe & Anchor, beside the words: "Semper Fi". Furthermore, the pistol-grip is Leaper's UTG: Combat Sniper model; an ergonomic design which includes a palm-swell, thumb-rest, and finger shelves, with a flat base for superior control of the weapon, improving accuracy. Built upon Aero Precision: M5 receivers, we feel we've assembled quite an outstanding rifle, that's sure to inspire, and achieve quality hits at our target distance. We can't wait to set new records!

This is the BMRCo: 6.5 Creedmoor Long-Distance Rifle.

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