.300 Blackout AR-Pistol

.300 Blackout AR-Pistol

The .300 Blackout is a caliber designed to be fired from a short barrel; optimally one between 7 and 8 inches. Therefore, we created just that in a pistol format; meaning we replaced the traditional butt-stock with a KAK Industries: Shockwave 2.0 Blade. This is a device that offers support upon the wrist of the shooter, facilitating the ability to fire with one-hand (should you choose to). However, it can still be shouldered like a traditional butt-stock.

This .300 Blackout is a blessing to have ...
It’s compact and lightweight, meaning you can keep it in your vehicle, or a backpack; ready when you need it most. It began with the Spike’s Tactical: Crusader lower receiver; featuring 3 mode-selections. Traditionally, they are Safe, Fire, and either Auto or Burst modes; however, the Spike’s: Crusader includes: Peace (Safe), War (Fire), and God Wills It (Auto/Burst), with the same options transcribed in Latin on the reverse side (Pax Pacis, Bellum, Deus Vult). For that reason, we chose to utilize the third selection, and installed a Franklin Armory: Binary Trigger. This trigger system is setup to simulate burst fire by producing two shots at a time, thereby increasing RPM downrange. It works by firing one shot per trigger-pull; which keeps it within the ATF’s boundaries of a “semi-automatic”; however it then fires a secondary shot upon the release of the trigger also. To be clear, that’s one shot on the pull of the trigger, and another shot when you release the trigger — Two shots total. It’s better than a bump-stock because there is no “bump”; you keep control of the weapon, and your point-of-aim/point-of-impact aren’t shifting erratically.
As "God Wills It" you can reign down suppressive-fire like "Holy shit!".

Whether indoors or out, and even in a vehicle, the compact style of an AR-Pistol makes it ideal for situations such as CQB/MOUT/Patrol/Home-Invasions. So for such instances, we’ve included an LED flashlight coupled with a pressure-switch, enabling the shooter to illuminate darkened areas at the push of a button, without the constant “on” like a traditional flashlight. This way, you can not only keep both hands on the weapon, but you can also use light when you need it only; avoiding the pitfall of giving away your position. Since it's a pistol chambered in a caliber that's often suppressed, it's gas system is adjustable; you can tune the gas-flow up or down according to your needs. The benefit of this is not only a reduction in recoil, but also a reduction in wear, by limiting the amount of stress imposed upon your internal components, such as the bolt-carrier group, buffer, and spring; thus providing you with a longer lasting, more efficient firearm.

Aesthetically, we’ve outfitted this weapon with some subtle features befitting it's Crusader theme. First, you'll notice the Templar Cross etched onto the take-down and pivot pins, in order to compliment the “Crusader” emblem on the lower-receiver. Hidden under the tang of the upper receiver, is Psalm 144 etched into the charging-handle. This is a reminder, meant to inspire faith in the one weilding our weapon, as you advance toward the unknown. It's Black and Tan color combination was chosen to be remeniscent of when Jesus spent time in the desert, having been tempted by the Devil. As such, Magpul's Flat Dark Earth (FDE) was used to represent the sands of the Judaean Desert, and Black is the darkness in contrast. That said, Bravo Company Manufacturing's pistol-grip did come in a tan color, however their version wasn't a close match to Magpul's FDE. However, it’s texture and sloped design were the ideal choice for this AR; therefore rather than settling for a different pistol-grip, we simply Duracoated the BCM, and the result was an outstanding uniform appearance. We couldn't be more pleased with how it all came together.

Our optic is a Sig Sauer: Romeo 5 "OPMOD" red-dot sight. OPMOD stands for Optics Planet Modification; meaning Optics Planet has an agreement with manufacturers which allows them to offer certain products in a color (FDE specifically) that they otherwise aren't available in. In addition, they also have their proprietary "OPMOD" label stamped upon it. We chose a smaller red-dot sight, in order to stay in proportion with the pistol's compact style. We're fond of Sig Sauer's Romeo 5 due to it's affordability, reliability, and performance. To top it all off, the OPMOD variant in FDE made it the obvious choice for our application; a cherry on top.

Behold ... 
The BMRCo: Crusader-Pistol in .300 Blackout.


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