.458 SOCOM

Our .458 SOCOM started with Palmetto State Armory upper and lower receivers. The first thing we did, was replace the original mil-spec trigger with a more advanced single-stage trigger by ALG Defense, the sister company to Geissele Automatics. The Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT) offers a lot less creep than the standard mil-spec variety, which in turn facilitates firing well-placed rounds. It's nickel-boron coating makes it durable as well, and contributes to it's tactily smoother operation. Functionally, we did something a little different; we utilized a side-charging upper receiver, and the reason behind that was a tactical one. We built this weapon for defensive purposes; therefore we wanted to give you the ability to chamber a round more quietly while operating indoors surreptitiously. There’s no need to alert an intruder, or any adversary, to the fact that you’re aware of their presence. So rather than rack a slide, or slam the bolt home, we felt this small difference might mean the world ... And to us, “the world” means “your Family”.

Aesthetically, it features Magpul furniture in their stunning stealth-gray color option, along with a rare Blackhawk handguard in a quad-rail style. We also cut-away a 1” section therein to improve access to the adjustable gas-block. Within the buffer-tube is an Armaspec: SRS-308 Stealth Recoil-Spring. Providing 5.7oz of resistance, it’s designed to better absorb energy and virtually eliminate felt recoil. The unity of this buffer+spring combo reduces the sound of the action during cycling also; saving you a decent amount of auditory discomfort with each shot. Since we mentioned the reduction of felt recoil, this brings us to it’s adjustable gas-block. As opposed to an ordinary gas delivery system, the adjustable variety include an allen-head screw which serves as a valve; it enables the shooter to easily insert an allen-wrench and adjust the gas-flow up or down as necessary. That said, we adjusted it down precisely to where we establish a reliable cycle. The results in conjunction with the recoil-spring are remarkable! This rifle has very low recoil for it’s caliber.

Beneath the hanguard we also have a parkerized barrel with 1:14 twist, by Bear-Creek Arsenal. This is a heavy-barrel (HBAR) contour design; so because heat interferes with your accuracy, these barrels stay cooler longer, mitigating a miss.It’s latest feature, is a reflex sight with an emerald lens, by UTG Pro. It has two sight options, red-dot or green-dot, with brightness-settings 1 through 5. The light blue hue of the lens compliments this rifles stealth-gray ensemble, and it's diameter was proportional to the barrel-shroud; offering a well-balanced aesthetic and minimal weight increase. Needless to say, we feel we’ve produced one stunning heavy-hitter!

The BMRCo .458 SOCOM Defense Carbine.

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