.223 Wylde

Our .223 Wylde is an actual Law Enforcement patrol-rifle. For that reason, we decided that the quality and reliability of Rock River Arms would be optimal. A departmental policy dictating that officers' AR-15's be chambered in .223 Remington, required a small side-step from our original direction; which was to build a 5.56 NATO rifle. The solution then was a relatively obscure caliber, known as ".223 Wylde" ...

The .223 Wylde is a modern improvement upon the standard .223 chamber design, in that it's been adapted to accept 5.56 ammunition; it also shoots more accurately than a standard 5.56. It's truly the best of both worlds. That said, our weapon was compliant and used to qualify at the Police Department. In addition to the Rock River Arms upper and lower receivers, we utilized their 2-stage lightened trigger. This particular trigger pulls smoothly, and has a very crisp break; it offers the shooter finer tactility, sharpening their overall trigger-control.

In the rear, we opted for a Magpul ACS-L collapsible stock, due to it's broad cheek-weld, giving the shorter maximum comfort and control, for more precise shots. The ACS-L contains 3 storage compartments; a main space for small items like: Spare-Parts, Small-Tools, CLP, Medication, Additional Rounds ... As well as additional tubes along each side for: Batteries, Cleaning-Rods, and Note-Taking Gear. Being a multi-purpose rifle ,for both professional and personal use, durability became a big concern as well; therefore it's equipped with a parkerized and chrome-lined bolt-carrier group, from Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM). This bolt-carrier group is full-auto rated, and will easily withstand regular use while continuing to operate smoothly.

To maximize manueverability, the weapon needed to be shorter; so we chose a carbine-length barrel and gas system. It's a 16" heavy-barrel (HBAR) by AR Stoner, with spiral fluting along it's length. This feature fascilitates cooling by establishing a channel through which airflow is directed. This works in conjunction with the larger barrel diameter, which serves as a heatsink. Higher rates of fire cause the barrel to get hotter sooner, and that heat affects what's called "Barrel Harmonics"; that's the movement in the barrel (unobservable to the naked-eye) that occurs as the round travels through it. The changes in movement, produce changes in your point-of-impact (POA); so having a more massive barrel will disipate that heat more evenly throughout it's length, ultimately helping you stay on target in a hostile situation, or during daily running-and-gunning during quals, training, etc.

At the muzzle is a compenstator with integrated saw-tooth design. This is used to break through barriers such as windows, or to thrust upon impeding personnel as you enter a room. To fascilitate transitions between the shooters strong-side and support-side while using cover, we attached a Magpul MOE verticle fore-grip also. Optics are by Sig Sauer, and work in conjuction with one another. They're a Romeo 5x red-dot sight, and a Juliet 4 (4x24mm) magnifier. A police officer needs to respond when they hear the call; so the Romeo 5x has a built-in sensor which activates the red-dot the moment it detects motion. Just pick it up & shoot!

This is the BMRCo Wylde Patrol-Rifle.

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