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Here at Black Mountain Rifle Company, we take the guesswork out of owning a quality AR. Why spend more to get less? You give us a budget - We build you a rifle!


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About Us

"Semper Fidelis"

Black Mountain Rifle Company is a U.S. Marine-owned operation, which observes the rifle as an extension of it's owner. As such, we produce a weapon according to each individuals needs; customized using the highest quality brands and materials befitting them. Our philosophy is "why spend more to get less?". We offer more-gun for your money.
Furthermore, if you're a Police Department, then not only will we assemble your arsenal according to your budget, but we'll also be your
If ever there's an issue with your rifle(s), even if they're not ours, send them in to be assessed, corrected, and returned to you in good working order. That's part of our commitment to excellence, with which we autograph our work.

Payment & Transfer

Payment is made at the time of the order. Just fill out the contact-form below describing what your goals are and a budget, then we will provide you with an estimate. Upon receipt of payment, we will begin procuring your components, and update you on it's progress. Your rifle will be test-fired for functionality at one of our facilities before being packaged, and appropriately transferred to your local FFL Dealer.

All sales are final.

*Due to unusually high demand, and limited supply, current lead time is approximately 30 days for completion of your order. Some orders may take up to 90 days, depending on specificity.


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