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Here at Black Mountain Rifle Company, we take the guesswork out of owning a quality AR. Why spend more to get less? You give us a budget - We build you a rifle!

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About Us

"Semper Fidelis"

Black Mountain Rifle Company is a U.S. Marine-owned operation, which observes the rifle as an extension of it's owner. As such, we produce a weapon according to each individuals needs; customized using the highest quality brands and materials befitting them. Our philosophy is "why spend more to get less?". We offer more-gun for your money.

Payment & Transfer

Payment is made at the time of the order. Just fill out the contact-form below describing what your goals are and a budget, then we will provide you with an estimate. Upon receipt of payment, we will begin procuring your components, and update you on it's progress. Your rifle will be test-fired for functionality (4 rounds only) at one of our facilities, before being packaged and appropriately transferred to your local FFL Dealer.

*Please indicate if you do not wish to receive a test-fired weapon.

All sales are final.

Due to unusually high demand, shipping delays may occur; current lead time can be approximately 30 days for completion of your order.

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